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Dear visitor, 

You are on the first page of my new website. I choose for a very personal format, this letter to you who will join me soon through a call or a mail message

I’ve started TradAction 15 years ago. Thanks to the combination of multiple assignments in different sectors, I’ve gained a lot of experience. Several starting professionals and entrepreneurs have made progress thanks to my advice on the right attitude, practical matters and creative ideas to come out with a solid story. 

With my studies in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations, together with my journalistic experience, I was able to acquire strong communication skills, both written as well as in public speaking. 

Where in the past language courses and translation were the main tasks at TradAction, although I’m still offering these services, I now approach the digital age with Content Marketing, advice on Digital Communication, Storytelling, Copywriting, Artistic Pitching, Writing Biographies for others and working as a Communication Consultant (specialized in metacommunication). 

In addition to my job as an entrepreneur, I also write poems, short stories and plays. Currently working on two non-fiction books. I’m also involved in several philanthropical projects, one of my own is Coping with Cancer. 

Helping people move forward is my recurring motivation. This explains why I focus on the digital story. Thanks to workshops and advice, as well as commissions for communication, I am able to increase the visibility of entrepreneurs in the 'world wide web'. This way, large and small players are given equal opportunities in the ever-growing digital market. 

I’m looking forward in meeting you or hearing you soon so I can help you with your projects. 

Sincerely yours, 

Victoria Vandersteen 

Terweidenstraat 34
3440 Zoutleeuw

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